Because there's more than one right way to be a family

About Us

Family Story was founded in 2015, based on the belief that when society recognizes and validates the many ways individuals form and re-form families, we will all be better off.


To support and defend the dignity, value, and well-being of all families through research and fresh analysis on changing family structures and modern family life; to correct false and deceptive information; and to set the stage for good family policy.


We envision a world in which any individuals bonded by love, support or care for each other, who by choice or circumstance share emotional or financial interdependency, can be recognized as family: A world which elevates the strengths and ingenuity of all types of families rather than focusing on their perceived deficits; where we are served by inclusive policies and able to stay together; and in which we are able to form and re-form families, free from judgment and discrimination.