There is no one right way to be a family. Almost 1 in 4 children in America are raised by a single mother at some point in their life. These single moms are putting their kids first, building villages to support their families, and raising thriving children. Family Story is proud to showcase single moms and their kids and to amplify their often-overlooked voices across social media. Help celebrate these amazing moms by watching and sharing these stories – and then join the movement to #celebratesinglemoms

@oshayneal S/out to the Single Moms out there. Y’all KILLIN it #familystory #familystorypartner #celebratesinglemoms @Family Story ♬ original sound – O'Shay Neal

@leahmelle Happy single parent day mom I owe it all to you!! 🥳#familystory #familystorypartner #celebratesinglemoms #virall #adopted @Family Story ♬ original sound – Leah

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@thepositivemom Being a single mom often comes with stigma and hurtful stereotypes, and yet, my girls and I continue to thrive against all odds. @FamilyStoryOrg#familystorypartner #familystory #singleparentsday #singlemom ♬ original sound – Elayna Fernandez